JShelter requires these permissions:

  • storage: for storing extension configuration and user options
  • tabs: for updating the extension's icon badge on tab change
  • webRequest, webRequestBlocking, all_urls: for modifying JavaScript objects and APIs on all pages, and for capturing and blocking malicious HTTP requests
  • dns: for resolving DNS queries in Firefox version of HTTP request shield
  • notifications: for notifying users on blocked HTTP requests/hosts
  • browsingData: Fingerprint Detector needs to remove data from any storage that can save the fingerprint
  • webNavigation: for deploying wrappers as early as possible to avoid page scripts accessing unwrapped objects. NSCL use a different approch for this purpose in Chromium-based browsers. All brosers need the permission to apply protection

jShelter stores all configuration data in the browser or in the user account. It does not upload any data to our servers.