MOTIVATION Gyroscope readings can be used for speech recognition: and various fingerprinting operations. For stationary devices, the resonance of the unique internal or external sounds affects angular velocities affect the Gyroscope and allow to create a fingerprint: For moving devices, one of the options is using the Gyroscope analyze human walking patterns:

WRAPPING The Gyroscope sensor provides readings of the angular velocity of the device alongthe x/y/z axes. For a stationary device, all velocities should be zero in an ideal state. As we observed on the examined devices, device sensor imperfections andlittle vibrations cause the x, y and z to oscillate between -0.002 and 0.002 on the examined devices. The wrapper simulates the same behavior.

POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS Support for simulation of a non-stationary device. This would require modifications to other movement-related sensors (Accelerometer, etc.)