An anti-malware Web browser extension to mitigate potential threats from JavaScript, including fingerprinting, tracking, and data collection!

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What is JShelter?

JShelter is a browser extension to give you control over what your browser is doing. A JavaScript-enabled web page can access much of the browser's functionality, with little control over this process available to the user: malicious websites can uniquely identify you through fingerprinting and use other tactics for tracking your activity. JShelter improves the privacy and security of your web browsing. For more details, see JShelter threat model.

How does it work?

Like a firewall that controls network connections, JShelter controls the APIs provided by the browser, restricting the data that they gather and send out to websites. JShelter adds a safety layer that allows the user to choose if a certain action should be forbidden on a site, or if it should be allowed with restrictions, such as reducing the precision of geolocation to the city area. This layer can also aid as a countermeasure against attacks targeting the browser, operating system or hardware.


I found a bug!

If you have any questions or you spotted a bug, the project's issue tracker is the place for posting those. We especially appreciate feedback, so feel free to use the issue tracker for chiming in.

How can I help?

Using JShelter and reporting any problems you find in our issue tracker is a huge help. If you want to contribute to the project itself, post your ideas on the issue tracker or just go ahead and make a pull request.